Lunch Delight In SAUNG KABAYAN

For Sobol (Buddy Online or Sobat Online in Bahasa) who live or often cross Jalan Dr, Djunjunan or often we call it road Pasteur. Of course already familiar with this typical Sundanese restaurant. Today our team is given a golden opportunity to experience the pleasure of lunch delight in Saung Kabayan.

Opened since 1989 and has never moved from its current location, precisely on Dr. Djunjunan Road no. 107 Bandung City. The typical restaurant of this Sundanese cuisine, open from 09.00 to 23.00.

With this long history of culinary journey. Saung Kabayang deserves to be a role model, because that taste that never dare to lie. With so many menus presented, and it stocked well. This restaurant always spoil the visitors tongue with taste that makes our tongue can not stop to swaying

Equipped with fast and friendly service. The atmosphere that had been strained by tired crashing into the traffic jam from the streets of Bandung, slowly melting and the atmosphere of lunch this time become more familiar.

Because so many menus to try, plus limited abdominal capacity. Menu of Fried Gurami with sambal dabu – dabu becomes the first choice that appears on the order paper.

Not until there, the additional menu of Village Chicken Grill and Fried Coriander with Flour did not escape the target of hunger. Equipped with a dish of Saute Kangkung, lunch this time feels complete when eaten with lesehan way.

The atmosphere is more stable because the entire interior of this restaurant decorated with bamboo ornaments are very antique. The lighting is arranged in such a way using a lot of white lights. Make this bamboo ornament feel more alive.

In terms of taste, all the servings in this restaurant deserve a value of 11 from the maximum value of 10. Frankly I do not like at all with the dish of freshwater fish. But once tasted this Gurame fried, tongue feels hooked to try again and again.

Villlage Chickens who usually have a lot of characters when bitten, are not found in this restaurant dictionary. Chicken Grill typical from Saung Kabayan has a very tender meat when bitten, not at all against when chewing.

Do not hesitate, bring Sobol’s relatives a

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